From 23-25 July in Brisbane, this international conference covers significant contributions for advancing and improving public transport planning and operations

On July 23rd  SISCOG will present a paper at CASPT2018 (Conference on Advanced Systems in Public Transport) in Brisbane, Australia.

The paper entitled “Solving periodic timetabling problems with SAT and Machine Learning” is about the creation of train timetables in which trains always depart at the same minute of every hour and result in less passenger travel time. The innovative optimisation method includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques, namelly Machine Learning.

According to Ricardo Saldanha, Head of Innovaton at SISCOG, this conference is "an opportunity to promote SISCOG’s work, namelly in the AI field, and to bring the company closer to potential users and partners”.

This year researchers and practitioners are invited to participate in a combined event: the 14th edition of CASPT and the 4th editon of  TRANSIT DATA (International Workshop on Research and Applications on the Use of Passive Data from Public Transport).

For more details on CASPT 2018 please visit http://www.caspt.org/


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