The Platform’s mission is to promote Portugal as an innovative country in the railway sector

SISCOG has joined the Portuguese Railway Platform (Plataforma Ferroviária Portuguesa), created in 2015 by a group of companies related to the field, from the public and private sectors.

These include, among others, companies such as Comboios de Portugal, the national passenger railways, Infraestruturas de Portugal, the national rail and road infrastructure manager, construction, design and IT companies, as well as academic entities such as Instituto Superior Técnico and Porto University.


Already with about 40 members, the platform’s mission is to bring together all Portuguese railway stakeholders and to promote Portugal as an innovative country in the railway industry. This is to be achieved by facilitating and fostering synergies and cooperation between stakeholders, leading to technological development and innovation in the rail sector, making it more competitive nationally and internationally.

The strategic common agenda lays on innovation pillars ranging from “Rolling Stock”, “Attractiveness”, “Command, Control and Communications” and “Infrastructure”, to “Energy Efficiency”, “Freight”, “Interoperability” and “Knowledge Management”.


For more information please visit the Portuguese Railway Platform


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