SISCOG’s 7-year client is expected to surpass this record again before the end of 2015

Last October 9th, the London Underground transported 4.735 million passengers breaking its year old record of 4.734 million from 28th November 2014.


A few days later, in the last week of October, London Underground broke another record as it had its busiest week ever with 28.614 million passengers taking the Tube. This weekly passenger number surpassed another record of 28.345 million passenger journeys from December 2014.


In spite of these numbers Transport for London expects both records to be broken again before the end of the year.

This is not a total surprise considering London’s economy and population continues to grow. London's population has hit 8.6m people, according to the Greater London Authority - last time it was that big was 76 years ago, and it is expected that this number will increase to 9 million by 2018.


These records and great expectations are exciting for SISCOG as well, as its product CREWS helps plan, in an optimised way, the work of more than 3000 drivers of the London Underground since 2005.


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