07-05-2014: SISCOG AT TECWEB 2014
SISCOG will present its duty optimiser at the Lusófona University event in Lisbon, on May 7th

SISCOG will be at Tecweb 2014, an event promoted by Lusófona University of Human Sciences and Technology where business and technological training sessions from leading IT companies share core knowledge with the academic community (students, alumni and prospective students).

On May 7th, SISCOG will present an Artificial Intelligence technique used to improve an optimiser that distributes work duties through different personnel bases in a counterbalanced way, considering "desirable" and "non-desirable" duties alike.
The duty optimiser has benefited the Dutch Railways significantly and has granted staff with more amicable work duties and a substantial reduction in the number of workers necessary to perform the work.

This duty optimiser improvement, considered to have a positive impact and relevant real life application, also conquered SISCOG's third Innovative Application of Artificial Intelligence Award, from the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence, in 2012.

Tecweb event, which will welcome speakers from other companies such as Microsoft Portugal or ESRI, will be running from May 5th - 11th.

For more details on the event, please visit http://tecweb.ulusofona.pt/


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