The group will be challenged to improve, in one week, an already proven optimisation algorithm used to plan personnel in railways and metro companies

SISCOG challenges European Study Group with Industry (ESGI101) to improve an optimisation algorithm used to plan personnel in railways and metro companies.
SISCOG has chosen a problem that should be quite strenuous for the group: to produce and adjust plans of duties that are even more optimised than the ones achieved with the current algorithm used in the company’s CREWS product.

Mathematicians involved in this initiative may help the company improve an already proven powerful algorithm, and that may be used in SISCOG’s railway and metro clients. This way, the outcome of the collaboration may have an impact on the work plan of over 20,000 drivers and conductors spread across the Netherlands, Norway, Denmark, Finland, United Kingdom and Portugal.
The participants of ESGI101 have a week to analyse the problem and present their results to SISCOG, which may be an immediate solution or a proposal to further the collaboration beyond the ESGI101 event.

ESGI, European Study Group with Industry, a program intended to bring the academia and industry closer, allows for a group of mathematicians, including both students and teachers, to come face to face with “real world” issues that distress companies from diverse industries, and giving them a chance to overcome these obstacles in one week.

The event, which has taken place in different countries such as Australia, Mexico and Canada, has already taken on problems raised by companies like Boeing, ESA (European Space Agency) and even LEGO.

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