SISCOG is the 4th best ICT company to work and the 16th best overall

For the 4th year participating in this study, SISCOG climbed 7 positions in the 100 overall ranking, reaching the 16th place, and one position up to the 4th best company in the ICT sector and to the 14th best Medium Company.

The “Best Companies to Work” is a study developed by Exame, a Portuguese management magazine, and Accenture. In its 13th edition, this study aims at analyzing human resources’ practices in Portugal and distinguishing companies with the greatest workers’ commitment degree. It is based on a thorough methodology that includes a satisfaction and involvement survey answered by collaborators, a management team survey where the company’s human resources practices are inquired, the analyses of the data by Accenture, and finally, confirmation of all of the information by Exame/Expresso journalists.


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