SISCOG received an Honourable Mention as an Innovative company

During the 10th National COTEC Innovation Meeting the winners of the “COTEC-BPI SME Innovation” Award were announced and SISCOG was awarded with an Honorable Mention.
The event, organised by COTEC Portugal, a business association for innovation sponsored by the President of Portugal, promotes companies from various industries who stand out for their innovation culture and practise, and help build a stronger and more dynamic business environment. These are companies that have maintained highly competitive standards in a particularly demanding context and are thriving in spite of the economic crisis, accomplishing solid results and effectively generating wealth and employment in their geographical regions.

Member of the COTEC SME Innovation Network since 2006, this is the second time SISCOG is recognized by the organisation, the first of which was in 2010 with the “Innovative Product” award for its CREWS Real-time Dispatcher, a tool used by international railways that allows to quickly solve personnel dispatching issues on the day of operation.


João Pavão Martins receives SISCOG's Honorable Mention from His Excelency the Portuguese President, Prof. Cavaco Silva






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