2003: AAAI - Innovative Application Award
SISCOG received, for the second time, the Innovative Application Award, for the system developed for the Norwegian Railways

On August 2003, SISCOG received, for the second time, the "Innovative Application Award" given by the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, known today as Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence (AAAI), for the crew planning and management system developed for the Norwegian State Railways.
This system is composed by a central component, located in Oslo, responsible for the planning of about 4.000 drivers and guards. The plans originated centrally are spread out, through a computer network installed all over Norway, for staff management centres, located in Oslo, Trondheim, Hamar, Drammen, Bergen, Kristiansand and Stavanger. At these centres, the Staff Allocation module, also developed by SISCOG, affects the plans received to individual workers, having in consideration its qualifications, the workload that already was affected to them in the last months, and all labour rules.

On a daily basis, the system receives information about the execution of the operation, supplying decision support about the changes that must be taken in place over the long term plan, in order to minimize the influences of unexpected events on the operation. The system also registers the work realized by each worker, supplying to the central salary system the right information on the effective hours of work and its supplements.

 AAAI Innovative Application Award - Press Release



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